Woo Free Shipping

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Simple automatic product-based free-shipping for WooCommerce

A simple, no-nonsense, WooCommerce plug-in for automatically enabling free shipping whenever a customer adds to cart one of your products you designate as eligible.


  1. Simple configuration - No configuration required to get going. Easy to customize if needed.
  2. Lightweight - Minimum impact on your store performance. No additional database assets installed.
  3. Customer friendly - Makes it easy for customers to spot products that grant free shipping.
  4. Multi-lingual - Available in both English and Romanian, according to your website settings.
  5. No limits - No restrictions on how many products marked for free shipping you can heave.


The cost is $10 (VAT excl.) for one domain, which includes 45 days of support.

How does it work

This plug-in leverages the existing WooCommerce infrastructure to enable automatic free shipping for selected products:

  • Automatically creates a free-shipping coupon.
  • Automatically creates a shipping tax class, which, when assigned to a product, enables free shipping for the entire cart, by automatically applying the above-mentioned coupon.
  • Guards against illegal use of the coupon.


  • PHP 7.3.0 or newer
  • WordPress 5.0.0 or newer
  • WooCommerce 5.0.0 or newer

Licensing terms

Licensing terms are available on the main product site: https://woo-free-shipping.com/licensing-terms/.

User manual

User manual is available on the main product site: https://woo-free-shipping.com/manual/.

Version history

Change log available on the main product site: https://woo-free-shipping.com/changelog/.


Settings page

Edit product shipping class

Product listing page

Product page for products that have promotional free shipping enabled

Checkout page

Changes to coupon editing - when editing the special coupon managed by this plugin

Changes to shipping class listing

More information

More information on the main product site: https://woo-free-shipping.com/.

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Installation kit licensed for one domain (user manual is available online) and 45 days of support

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Woo Free Shipping

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